Lease Management

Get a centralized view of your rent rolls and stacking plans.

Drill down into tenant and lease data to manage your tenancy composition and risk.

Be alerted early to upcoming vacancies, and what their current market values are.

Then use all this information to help develop a leasing strategy that maximizes your building value - before taking your space to market.

Achieve a 10% increase in net rents and 15% increase in workplace productivity

Analytics & Reporting

Use powerful analytics to visualize and track KPIs and metrics.

Use the information available in your system to automatically generate boardroom quality reports on your leasing and assets performance.

View these dashboards and reports anytime and anywhere - from a workstation, tablet or mobile.

15% reduction in manual and repetitive tasks

analytics and reporting
Deal Management & CRM

View your deal pipeline and ongoing deals in a centralized summary page.

Have internal and external leasing teams collaborate to log related contacts, site visits, communications, and track progress as the deal moves through the sales cycle.

Negotiate back-and-forth with agents on lease terms and prices through the marketplace feature, while monitoring how the negotiations are trending.

Talox can also be used to auto-generate terms sheets and contracts to help secure the deal.

Achieve up to 41% faster deal cycle time

deal management.PNG
Listings & Marketplace

Automatically list your vacancies to a consolidated listings page, where agents can search and view up-to-date information about your spaces.

Have agents submit offers directly to you on the platform, and Talox will auto-calculate cash flow projections and NER, allowing you to easily compare differently structured offers side-by-side.

Adjust the offer terms and commercials to fit your strategy and then submit a counter offer back to the agents.

20% faster speed to market, and increase your target audience to 99% coverage

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Space Valuation

Get proactive notifications and recommendations about your leasing activities.

Have a predictive lease valuation model telling you what the fair market price of your space is.

Solve business problems through techniques which sit under Artificial Intelligence.

Transform to a proactive and intelligent leasing approach

space valuation.PNG
Market Intelligence

A built-in artificial intelligence feature aggregates market data to generate real-time market intelligence and forecasts.

This enables unprecedented levels of market insight and knowledge for you and your team.

Know market rent valuations, vacancy rates, comps, and tenants-in-the-market, by city or submarket, and use this to make more informed decisions.

Know more and be smarter than your competition

market intelligence.PNG