Managing your commercial leases and deals - anywhere, anytime

For landlord teams and leasing managers

14 May 2020 (Thursday)

14:00 (Singapore Time - UTC + 8:00)

Duration: 30 min

Format: Webinar with Demo and Q&A

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We will discuss and showcase how landlords and leasing managers can set up their teams and processes to streamline their lease administration and deal tracking.

You will get insights on how to:

  • Assess the current occupancy and financial situation of your assets

  • View building and tenant information (rent roll, stacking plan, lease abstract etc.) - so you don't need to email information/files back & forth with your colleagues

  • Manage your available units - have your team market vacancies and collaborate on deals in one place

  • Proactively monitor your amendments and upcoming renewals

With special guests: Prominent executives and leasing managers to join the webinar for a Q&A session (15 minutes~). More information to follow - sign up now, and stay tuned.


Stacking plans, rent rolls, lease expiry schedule, vacancy management - all in one easily accessible place, with all the security standards and access levels you need for your property firm.

Yves Luethi

Co-founder | Talox


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