What is the value of a cloud based lease

Apr 14, 2020 | Tyler Staton

How can this benefit you if you are a property owner or leasing manager of a commercial portfolio?


If you have to cater to various tenants across multiple assets and locations, having a purpose built leasing solution for you as a property owner or leasing manager of a commercial portfolio is vital. Not only in accessing your tenancy information and leasing tools, but also many property owners and leasing managers are manually performing business operations which is no doubt highly time-consuming and more often than not, overwhelming. Luckily, there is a solution to this and here’s how investing in the right lease management platform is beneficial for you and your team.

What advantages will you enjoy from having your leasing workflows cloud based?

Here are the advantages from having your leasing workflows cloud based:

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1. Data accessibility is critical

It is necessary for a property owner or leasing manager of a commercial portfolio to have access to accurate and data driven decisions. When data is stored in a cloud powered software, it can be accessed anywhere and you will no longer be restricted to a single computer or server. 

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2. Secured data

When you have a lease management software, rest assured that all your data is encrypted and stored virtually behind multiple layers of security since the data is stored in the cloud. There are also additional security protocols in order to minimize the risk of data breach. 

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3. Maximize returns and asset values

Track your negotiation trends through Talox. If you have a digital rent roll and stacking plans for real time information about tenants and leases - all the figures right in front of you, it becomes easier for you to decide how you must allocate funds and make better business decisions.


4. Automation narrows your focus on growing your business

Cloud powered softwares such as Talox comes with a lot of automation. For instance, (1) you get information on your real time portfolio and asset KPI reporting, (2) you get to track all your leasing activity through every stage of your deal cycle, and (3) you get to have automated cash flow projections.

Regardless of whatever challenges you face in your daily business operations, we at Talox have helped several clients by offering lease analysis software. We can help you overcome obstacles in lease management. As a Leasing and Asset Management software - We, at Talox, provide the answers for you. We can firmly assure you that you are in good hands because not only are we well aware of the latest trends but also understand how the leasing environment evolves. With a single user-friendly platform, you can now focus more time in growing your business and less time on mundane tasks.

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