Talox has just landed a new client 

May 14, 2020 | Tyler Staton

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Talox is excited to work with Damosa Land. We hope that Damosa Land gets to utilize our software and automate their process for increased precision and productivity. Damosa Land Inc. (DLI) which is the property development arm of the ANFLOCOR Group. It is a premier real estate company in Davao with an array of real estate developments and leasing operations ranging from business offices, commercial centers, retail outlets or stores. Damosa Land has been at the forefront of development in Mindanao. It also continues to evolve into a company with intense pursuits of achieving valuable innovations in the real estate industry. 

Among the first to introduce and build an urban mixed-use development in Mindanao, DLI has established unique offerings such as the iconic Damosa Diamond Tower, mixed-use township Agriya, and marina-inspired Bridgeport, strategically located and all nestled in the heart of Mindanao. Powered by an inspired, dynamic and proactive organization, Damosa Land, Inc. assures Mindanao of enhanced real estate experiences for years to come.

Tyler Staton

Co-founder | Talox


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