Talox 2.0 on Beta Now 

Feb 28, 2020 | Yves Luethi

A whole new user experience


Introducing Talox 2.0 in Beta Now 


We’ve overhauled the user interface and experience of Talox, because we want you to be the best equipped leasing and asset management professionals in the industry. We understand the struggle of having a frustrating user experience, and we wouldn’t want that to happen to you. We value your overall experience with Talox. Now you can spend more time on value creating activities like building relationships and spend less time on manual tasks and reporting - none of that clunky interfaces and complex navigation systems. 

We also appreciate your continuous feedback which is incorporated into our updates. Keep it coming.


  • New design specs and style

  • Improved visuals

  • New stacking plan

  • More responsiveness added to enhance how charts display on tablets and mobiles.

  • Optimization and refactoring of the backend to make Talox way faster and more powerful.

New Design Feb 2020_Stacking Plan.PNG


  • Flexible search functions and column management for tables - drill down into real time critical portfolio and tenancy information

  • Embedded analytics for tenants and deals - to compare and benchmark on the go

  • Download Excel spreadsheets to access source data on all prospects, deals, tenants, vacancies and asset cash flows

  • A new look for graphs and charts to better display your critical information


  • Flexible escalation for your rents - annual, semi-annual, even monthly or daily if needed

  • Auto-generate offer sheets (word document) after you’ve modelled your offer terms

CRM & Marketplace

  • A shareable E-flyer to help you market your available units to a wider prospect audience with just 1-click

  • Track the number of times your vacancies have been shared to prospective tenants by your brokers

  • Inquires from the E-flyer land directly in Talox, right beside all your other prospects

Yves Luethi

Co-founder | Talox


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