Feature Focus: Asset Management Dashboard - Portfolio Level

April 23, 2018 | Yves Luethi

Talox enables landlords to access critical KPI information in a widely used format: Dashboard style. Owners, managers and leasing teams are able to group buildings together into customized portfolio views to gain deeper visibility into the performance of their commercial real estate assets.

Users can see all their key figures such as:

  • Gross rental income by use (office, retail, other)

  • Occupancy / vacancy rate

  • Gross rental income by building

  • Area composition by use

  • Gross rental income by tenant sector

The data is accessible in real-time, from anywhere or any device, so users can spend less time searching for information and more time focusing on relationship building and strategic decisions.

Other asset management features of the Talox platform include a centralized view of your rent rolls and stacking plans, the capability to drill down into tenant and lease data to manage your tenancy composition, get alerted early for upcoming vacancies, know the ongoing market rental values. All very critical information that help develop a leasing strategy that maximizes your building value, before taking your space to market.

Learn more about the Talox Landlord features click here.

Yves Luethi

Co-founder | Talox


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