“Updating my external shareholders and investors was previously a tedious and time consuming process, now the information I need is just a “log-in” away. It has also helped me make better and faster decisions”

Buds Wenceslao, CEO at D.M Wenceslao (Aseana Holdings), Philippine National Chair at ULI
Asset type:
Portfolio size:
5 Buildings
850K SQF

Aseana Holdings Inc. was formed in order to cater to the development potential of Aseana City. Aseana City is the flagship project of D.M Wenceslao & Associates, Incorporated and this 107 hectare development is set to nestle along the shorelines of Manila Bay. With a company catering to big projects and developments, not having a formalized process for calculating the net effect rents could take a toll on the rental revenues. Even the deal terms were being accepted without fully knowing or having an in depth understanding of the implications on their rental revenue. Hence, it can cause a problem in the future.


With that being said, Talox - a cloud software that focuses on real estate, all the deal scenarios are modeled, evaluated and approved by management before a letter of intent is ever made. With this rental revenues are up by 7%.

Aseana Holdings’ parent company went public last 2018. With the IPO came increased reporting requirements which became a burden for the team. Talox automated Aseana’s reporting and they now update their shareholders about their performance with accurate boardroom quality reports in a few clicks.